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Gravity's Identity Wallet Application enables cash transfer and humanitarian aid delivery to the most vulnerable in Kenya

The DIGID Consortium consisting of the world’s largest international NGOs and the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) are using Gravity’s Identity Wallet Application to efficiently authenticate beneficiaries and deliver cash transfers for COVID 19 relief.

Users managing digital identity with Gravity Identity Wallet Application
  • Too much valuable NGO time and money spent managing duplicative enrolment efforts and inefficiencies
  • The most vulnerable populations don’t have access to humanitarian aid due to the lack of official identities.
  • With the traditional enrolment system, there’s no privacy and security guaranteed for beneficiaries’ data.
  • Beneficiaries create a Gravity account using the Gravity Identity Wallet Application.
  • NGOs issue identity credentials to beneficiaries via Gravity’s Verifiable Data Exchange. They can also request credentials from other NGOs.
  • Beneficiaries authenticate themselves with financial service providers and NGOs via Gravity’s Identity Wallet Application. Once authenticated, they receive the cash transfer.
How it works:

1. Registration: Beneficiaries create their digital identity wallets by signing up via Gravity’s Identity Wallet Application if they have a smartphone. If they have a basic/feature phone, or no phone at all, NGOs can sign up beneficiaries on their behalf.

2. Issuance: NGOs can issue identity-related credentials to beneficiaries through the Verifiable Data Exchange. This can be done through a file upload or through an integration with NGO’s data management systems. For the DIGID project, an integration with the RedRose beneficiary management system allowed for seamless data collection and credential issuance.

3. Authentication:
a. Remote authentication: In case of cash distribution through mobile money/digital payment channels, beneficiaries can remotely authenticate themselves using the Identity Wallet Application.
b. In-person authentication: For in-person, physical cash distribution, beneficiaries can authenticate themselves with a QR Code that can be scanned using the Identity Wallet Application.

4. Management: Beneficiaries can view, request, delete or recover their own credentials on Gravity’s Identity Wallet Application.

With Gravity's products, NGOs can improve service delivery.

Save money and time: Gravity’s Verifiable data exchange enables NGOs to efficiently authenticate beneficiaries in 30 seconds and improve their experience during cash distribution.

Improve interoperability: Different NGOs can request and share credentials via Gravity’s Verifiable data exchange to streamline their aid services delivery for the same beneficiary populations.

Increase impact: With Gravity’s Identity Wallet Application, NGOs are able to reach the most vulnerable populations without official IDs. It also ensures that cash is delivered directly into the hands of the target population.

Ensure data privacy and protection: All Gravity products are private-by-design and follow the highest standards of data security.