Credential Providers

Credentialing to improve education and access to jobs for refugees in Turkey

The United Nations Development Program and training organisations are using Gravity’s Verifiable Data Exchange to increase their impact and improve access to job markets for refugees.

NGOs use Gravity Verifiable Data Exchange to create and issue educational certifications to refugees in Turkey
  • There are more than 400,000 registered refugees in Gaziantep, Turkey and more than 20 organisations training them to equip them to enter the local job market.
  • Without this proof, institutions are unable to provide refugees with the appropriate training. At the same time, refugees struggle to access suitable jobs.
  • These organisations are operating separately without cooperation and data sharing. The lack of interoperability makes it hard for refugees to collect proof of their training experiences and qualifications. 
  • Gravity’s Verifiable Data Exchange solution helps vocational training providers create and issue education certificates to refugees. 
  • Refugees access and share these verifiable certificates via Gravity’s Identity Wallet Application. 
  • Vocational training providers and employers receive and verify these certificates using the Verifiable Data Exchange. 
How does it work:

1. Issue: Educational institutions use the Gravity Verifiable Data Exchange to submit beneficiary data and send certificates as proof of vocational training.

2. Request: Employers request data from beneficiaries via the Gravity verifiable data exchange and select the right candidate.

Gravity's Verifiable Data Exchange improves service deliver
  • Efficiency: By tailoring outreach and training programs based on education credentials shared by refugees, recruiters and training organisations save costs and time spent on “one size fits all” solutions.
  • Quality: Refugees receive the right training at the right time based on their current skillset.