People-centric data sharing for a digital world
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People-centric data sharing for a digital world


Gravity provides a platform where everyone can store and manage trusted digital credentials in a secure, self-sovereign wallet.

Our platform provides privacy-preserving, user-centered data sharing for the digital economy.

We make trusted data available to organizations so that individuals can leverage their personal data to unlock access to essential services that these organizations provide.

Our solution helps unleash the full potential of quality data for aid delivery and financial inclusion.


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Empowerment with data



We envision a world where personal data doesn’t reside in silos and isn’t shared without the users’ control.

This is why we’re working on an alternate data sharing paradigm based on a decentralized identity.

We believe that this will empower individuals with trusted personal data which they can build on for the rest of their lives. This will also lead to the creation of a next generation, self-sovereign data exchange that creates monetary incentives for everyone, addressing important data gaps in education, health care, and humanitarian aid delivery.



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