Identity Wallet Application

Send verifiable data to your customers and users

Share verifiable data about your users with them directly.

Customers and users share their own data selectivity and securely

Users decide which data is shared, with whom, when and for what purpose.

Users and customers can ensure their data is always up to date

Users request updates to their data directly through the Application

Decentralized storage to maximally secure user and customer data

Users can keep all their data safe in a secure storage vault.

Built in security and privacy through on device data encryption

USSD interface for users without smartphones

Offline availibility for uninterrupted use

Verifiable Data Exchange

Issue verifiable data to empower your users and customers

Add value to your service offering by issuing verifiable credentials to your customers and users

Verify data for seamless customer onboarding and service delivery

Request, retrieve and verify data easily to onboard new customers and expand service delivery

Provide maximum data privacy and protection to your customers and users

Customers' and users' personal data is encrypted during transit and storage. Only they can access it and give other parties the permission to do so.

Generate revenue streams through your data

Get compensated when credentials you have issued are verified while upholding privacy

APIs to set rules, restrict access and grant permissions

Self or assisted set up based on your needs for convenience and autonomy

Get started without disruptions through integrations with your own database

End to end encryption for maximum security

Your data is encrypted both in transit and during storage. Only you and parties you authorise can retrieve it and decrypt it.

Decentralized storage for added protection

Data is split and stored across storage nodes operated by different trusted entities. Unlike centralized storage systems, there is no single point of failure.

Built for your needs and regulatory compliance

Choose the locations you want to store your data according to preference and regulation

Built-in mechanisms for data recovery

Data is protected through redundancy and built-in mechanisms for its recovery

Secure Data Storage Vault