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Digital Identity for a mobile world


Digital Identity for a mobile world


1.5 billion people without an official ID


4 billion people without an address


6 billion people with a mobile phone by 2020


About 1.5 billion people worldwide do not have an official proof of identity. For this reason, they lack access to basic services like insurance, loans or mobile communication.

Our mission is to allow anyone to create a secure, self-sovereign digital ID based on personal data. On the fly, using any mobile phone on the market, no matter the telecom operator or type of phone.

Our solution empowers people to store and share personal data whenever and with whoever they want, thereby unlocking people’s access to these otherwise inaccessible services.

The Gravity ID augments, but does not depend on traditional paper based IDs, postal addresses or birth certificates.

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Data Based

The g-ID is based on personal data that is verified through peer-to-peer and third-party validation. The more data and validation checks, the more reliable it is.


Secure and empowering

All personal data is stored on a decentralised database and can only be accessed with consent from the g-ID owner. The platform fully complies with the European Personal Data Protection law (GDPR).

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Designed for INCLUSION

The service is accessible from any mobile device through a USSD menu or Smartphone App




IncreasED trust

Increasing trust in identity systems and adoption of services by providing immediate feedback and access to all aspects of their identity.


Cheaper and more secure KYC

Real-time KYC reduces providers’ cost of customer identification and additional certified personal data add layers of security. 

Gravity also allows to de-duplicate and enhance oversight of large digital marketplaces based on a proportional and risk-based approach.

ECONOMIC Inclusion

Gravity makes serving bottom of the pyramid consumers more profitable and attractive.

Even people with insufficient official IDs can securely be on-boarded if they have aggregated enough certified data.

How it works: on the fly sim card registration

For more than half a billion people in Africa, mobile operators are struggling with collecting and verifying the KYC information, also denying the ones who lack formal ID access to a SIM card or mobile money services.

We provide on the fly SIM card registration services to mobile operators