Gravity is proud to announce the release of the World Economic Forum’s report “Identity in a Digital World: A new chapter in the social contract”, to which it has been a contributor.

“Our identity is, literally, who we are, and as the digital technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution advance, our identity is increasingly digital. This digital identity determines what products, services and information we can access – or, conversely, what is closed off to us.

If we act wisely today, digital identities can help transform the future for billions of individuals, all over the world, enabling them to access new economic, political and social opportunities, while enjoying digital safety, privacy and other human rights. “

The report highlights:

  • The need for shared understanding and coordinated action with regards to digital identity

  • The 5 elements of a good digital identity which create user value, and;

  • The prioririties for collaboration on the digital identity agenda.